I have always loved the look of knitted cables but never felt like I could replicate them with crochet, until....I discovered Tunisian crochet. Finally I was able to make those soft puffy cables with my hook! 

If you are unfamiliar with Tunisian Crochet, don't fret! It is SO much easier than it's fancy name leads on. As long as you can wield a hook, you can Tunisian crochet!

‚ÄčThis scarf is made entirely with the Tunisian Simple Stitch so that your concentration can be focused on working the cables (dropping several stitches, working a few more, then returning the dropped stitches back on the hook). After you get the hang of making the cables, the stitch pattern can easily be memorized.The resulting scarf is bouncy, puffy, super cozy, and long enough to wrap and wrap and wrap again!

$5.00 USD

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